How to Select the Best USB Flash Drive

Are you wondering about how you should identify the best USB flash drive from those that are available on a promotional offer? Read on and discover some of the parameters that you should base your choice upon.

The Speed of Your Device

USB flash drives have varying speeds. For instance, drives that are marked 3.0 can receive or send data at a faster speed than those that are marked 2.0. However, the speed at which your flash drive will work is dictated by the device with which you will use it. For example, 2.0 USB ports on your laptop cannot get the best performance from a 3.0 USB drive because the speed of the port will dictate the speed at which the flash drive will function. It would therefore not be advisable to buy a promotional USBs whose speed exceeds the speed of the ports on your electronic device.

Pay Attention to Size

Some USB flash drives are so large that it can be challenging to use the USB ports that are near the one where you have plugged the large USB drive. You should, therefore, opt for a flash drive that is small enough to allow you to use the adjoining ports on your device. However, you may have to make some compromises when you make that decision. For example, some flash drives tend to be large because they contain high-quality components that enable the flash drive to perform at the high speeds that you desire. Smaller devices may, therefore, be slower because the manufacturer may not have had the space to install the components that would have made that drive to operate at a faster speed.

Security Features

It is better to buy a rugged USB flash drive so that it can survive some accidents. For instance, rugged flash drives can still be used even after they are accidentally left in the pocket of pants that are put in the washer. You can also consider buying a secure USB flash drive in case you intend to carry top-secret information on it. Such drives encrypt the contents on them so that hackers cannot access them. Some even have a keypad that you can use to input a password to protect your data.

As you can see, you should never buy a promotional USB drive based on its storage capacity and price only. Use the information above to select a flash drive that will address your unique needs.