Pull Up Some Success With These Five Ideas for Pull-Up Banners

Pull up banners are ideal for trade shows, fairs, expos and other off-site marketing events. To make the most of your booth, you need some pull up banners. They are easy to transport, but they allow you to have vibrant signage at the event.

If you are looking to buy pull up banners for sale, and you are wondering what to have printed on your banner, check out these ideas.

1. Entice Clients Into the Booth

Expos and trade shows are all about the opportunity for face-to-face marketing, but if people walk past your booth, you won't have the chance to talk to them. To entice people to step inside, consider a pull-up banner designed for that effect. For example, the banner could advertise a raffle with a prize. That has a double-sided effect—it increases the chances of people stepping into your booth, and it also encourages them to share their contact details for the drawing.

2. Introduce a New Product

In other cases, you may want to use the pull-up banner to introduce a new product. That can also help entice people into the booth, but it ensures that the people who enter are truly interested in your product and not just a giveaway. Consider a full-colour banner with a professional image of the product.

3. Promote Your Brand

Even if you don't get the chance to talk to some people at the event, you still have the opportunity to show your brand to them. Every person that passes your booth should see your brand or logo. Even if they just see your logo from the corner of their eyes, that split second helps with branding.

To brand effectively, you want potential clients seeing your brand or logo as much as possible. To that end, consider devoting at least one pull-up banner to branding. Make this banner sweet and simple.

4. Use Website Data

You may also want to let your website help you decide what to feature on your pull-up banner. In particular, you should have software in place that tracks what people are looking at. Ideally, the software should track the anonymous browsers as well as longtime shoppers.

Then, if lots of people have been looking at a particular product, you may want to showcase it on your pull up banners.

5. Embrace the Psychology of Colours

Finally, consider the psychology of colours when creating the designs and layouts for your pull up banners. Different colours have different psychological effects. For instance, red tends to be a colour of power, but if you want potential clients to feel calm and at ease, you may want to include greens and blues.