What to Consider When Buying Custom Return Address Labels for Your Business

If you operate a business that involves sending goods to customers via the postal service or a courier, you'll understand the importance of getting the packaging just right. Not only does it need to be secure, protective and durable, it needs to have all the necessary information to make sure the package gets safely to its intended destination.

But if that isn't possible, it may need to be sent back. In this instance, the company responsible for delivering the package will need to know where to return it to, so your details are also essential for the packaging. Having your own address labels printed means you can package and ship items as quickly as possible, without the delays caused by printing out your own labels or hand-writing it on the surface. Before you have labels made, make sure you consider these points so you can get the most out of them.

Getting the right materials

First and foremost, consider what the labels will be printed on and whether it's suitable for your needs. While ordinary paper labels will do the job, they might not last during transit, which can cause problems if the parcel needs to be returned. It's best to go for a strong material like vinyl or, at least, a thick, tough paper. Consider getting water-resistant labels if you can – the printed details will stay clear and legible if the package gets rained on or splashed.

Choosing a design

Obviously, you need to include all the address details needed to make sure the package gets back to you if necessary, and you might stop there. But why not take the opportunity to increase your brand visibility? Incorporating your logo into the design of the labels makes sure that the recipient knows immediately where the package is from, which helps cement your business in their mind and makes you look more professional. Use colours, too, to create an eye-catching extra element on your packaging.

Knowing how they are supplied

You'll probably find that labels are supplied on either a sheet or a roll. Either is fine, really, but rolls can often be a bit more practical in busy dispatch areas. They can be held more easily, keeping the labels neat and flat before they're used, and they're also suitable for hanging or hooking on walls. This means they're always readily accessible and less likely to get lost, which will help you run your business smoothly.