3 Tips to Help You Create Custom-Print Marketing Campaigns

Sending the same printed advertisements to everyone on your list typically doesn't yield the best results. Generic ads result in fewer responses and less customer engagement. If you want to improve your approach to direct mail and print marketing, you need a customized approach.

There are numerous ways that you can do that. Here are some ideas to help:

Start a Frequent Shopper Program

With a digitized frequent shopper program, you have everything you need to send customized printed offers to your clients. When they sign up for the program, you get their names and addresses. Then, whenever they buy something, you also get a record of that.

That information can help you to customize offers for these shoppers. For instance, you might decide to run a report of all the customers who have bought two specific products. Then, you send all of those customers an offer for a related product. Because the marketing is more targeted, you're more likely to get a higher response rate.

If you have a very small brick-and-mortar operation, you may even want the ability to add notes to each customer's file. Then, when you are chatting during a transaction, you can make notes of what they like, helping to refine your approach even more.

Use Website Tracking

Whether you have a shop or just an online presence, it can also help to track data from your website. Consider having clients create an online account for your site. Then, when they visit the site and sign in, you can track what they look at, where they spend most of their time, or even what they abandon in their shopping carts.

Based on that information, you can decide what type of offer to send them. For instance, let's say a client has abandoned an item in her shopping cart. You, in turn, send out a coupon for that same item.

Work With a Digital Printer

Of course, customizing the offer is just the first step. You also need a printer who can create compelling, beautiful print advertisements for you. Ideally, the printer should be able to print digitally.

You may want to work with a printer who can help you customise designs, but in other cases, you may want to create your own graphic designs on your own and then email them to the printer to create them. Ultimately, you want as much flexibility as possible. To learn more about creating custom printed mail marketing, contact a digital printer directly.

Contact a digital printing company for more information and assistance.