Essential Tips for Printing Photo Books

There is nothing as annoying as waiting for your photo book to arrive from a printer's shop only to open it and find blurry images, cluttered pages and washed-up colours. When you invest your time and money in a photo book, you want the best results possible. Working with a professional printing company guarantees you a photo book of the highest quality. This article highlights creative tips that professional printers use to produce the best photo books.

Use Double Spreads

Printing services use different techniques when presenting images on photo books. However, instead of printing photos on single pages, creative printers enlarge images without distorting the quality and spread them across two pages. The technique is referred to as a double spread. However, professional printers are meticulous with the images they choose for a two-page spread because the method does not work on every photo. The best images for a double-spread layout are panoramic, such as landscape pictures. Additionally, printing services must ensure that photos meant for double-spread layout are high resolution. Notably, double-spread photos look awkward if individual pages are glued to the binding. It is the reason many professional printing services insist on printing two-page spread photos on lay-flat pages. It ensures continuity across two pages; hence, elevating the printing quality.

Use Chronological Arrangement

When you pick a photo book and all you see are images put together randomly, the chances are high that you will put it down fast. Notably, photo books should be interesting and printing photos chronologically is a technique that printing services use to capture clients' attention. For example, a printer must first sort images chronologically and put them in the beginning, middle and end categories. The arrangement gives a photo book a narrative ark that a viewer can easily follow. The chronological photo book printing technique is perfect for events such as weddings and graduations. That said, a printer can only print a photo book chronologically if you supply them with all the photos you have. Therefore, do not delete any pictures before you go to a printer's shop.

Use White Space Effectively

Some printers overlook the importance of white space when printing photo books. Indeed, it can be tempting to go overboard with images that cover entire pages on a photo book, but doing so overwhelms a viewer's eyes. An untrained eye will see white space in a photo book as a waste of money. However, a professional printer understands that white space helps memorable images stand out. For instance, the best wedding photo books feature a photo of a couple surrounded by white space on the first page. Most importantly, the white space allows a viewer to focus on the centrepiece, which is the bride and groom.

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