4 Ways to Save Money on Your Direct Mail Printing Campaign

Printing and mailing direct mail pieces can get expensive, but luckily there are numerous ways to save money throughout this process. Consider exploring the following ideas.

1. Target the Right Audience

If you are sending the same piece of direct mail to everyone on your list, you are likely seeing low response rates to your mail. The modern consumer prefers individualised, custom experiences, and as a marketer, there's no point in absorbing printing costs to send direct mail to people who are probably going to ignore it.

Instead, you should collect information about your customers, and then, you should create audiences based on that information. For example, you may only want to print certain direct mail pieces and send them to the customers who spend the most money on your site. In other cases, you may want to send select offers to customers who have purchased certain products or combinations of products from you. Targeting the right audience helps to bring down your printing costs because you end up printing less, and ultimately, the printing you do has a higher return.

2. Invest in an Energy Efficient Printer

In addition to printing fewer pieces but sending them to a more targeted audience, you may want to look at the equipment you are using for printing. If your printer is old and inefficient, it may be time to check out an office printer sale and look for a newer, more efficient printer.

3. Use a Photocopier

Rather than just relying on your printer to generate your direct mail pieces, you may want to use a photocopier as well. For example, if your photocopier is more efficient than your current printer, you may want to print out just a single copy of the direct mail piece.

Then, you may want to take care of the additional copies on your photocopy machine. Alternatively, you could even consider having a professional printing company make the first copy. Then, you can create the rest of the direct mail pieces you need with your photocopy machine.

4. Consider Programmatic Printing

To further customise the direct mail pieces you send to clients, you may want to look into programmatic printing. This is a service where a printing company uses data analytics to make recommendations about the colour, design and layout that your clients are most likely to respond to. Then, the printing company prints out direct mail pieces that match those specifications.

This doesn't directly save you money on printing, but it helps increase the value of your direct mail campaigns, and ultimately, that saves money in the long run.